•     Gets Liquidity on Locked Investment without selling them
  •     Gets Overdraft Facility against Shares and mutual funds ( both Equity and Debt fund )
  •     Low interest rate and client has to Pay Interest Only on utilized amount
  •    No Income Documents Required*.
  •    No Pre Closure Charges or Penalty.
  •     More than 900 approved Shares for customer to avail this Facility
  •     Quick and Easy process with Minimum Documentation
  •     Loan Against Shares, Mutual Funds and Bonds Funding Up 50% And 70 % of Market Value Facility Can be avail up to 20 lacs per Individual.
  •    Loan Against Debt Mutual Funds and FMP Funding Uo to 85% of Market Value OD Facility can be availed by Proprietorship Companies, HUF, Partnership Firm, Private Limited Co.